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Updated July 5, 2020

St Vital Park June 20 2020

Icebreaker 2019 Pinawa MB

  • Safe escorted triathlon training
  • Open-water swim sessions
  • Specialized triathlon lifesaving
  • First Aid, CPR, AED

Open Water Swimmer Skill & Knowledge Requirements:

  • An Emergency plan for site swim that everyone has knowledge of and follows
  • Tread water (surface support) for 15 minutes minimum
  • An alternate swim stroke i.e. Side stroke
  • Strong head-up crawl and/or breaststroke
  • Drown Proofing (deep water bobs) with travel
  • Basic Lifesaving knowledge i.e. Bronze Medallion
  • A Lifeguard Rescue Tube
  • Understanding and knowledge of swim areas
  • Water safety rules and policies
  • The mechanics of Drowning

Upcoming Events for 2020

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  • Riding Mountain National Park - Sat. Aug. 15th & 16th OPEN WATER SWIM. Full triathlon/aquabike/add a friend - Full! Registration closed.
  • Pinawa Multisport - Sat. Aug. 22nd & Aug. 23rd OPEN WATER SWIM cross triathlon (trail bike/run), triathlon, tri-a-tri
  • Sioux Narrows Swim Festival - Sat. 29th & Sun. Aug. 30th OPEN WATER SWIM
  • Sioux Narrows Steel Man Sat. Aug. 29th 4k swim, plus 160 k bike (4 loops of 40 k course)
  • Pinawa Dam trail Run - Sat. Oct. 30th (add your best friend)

For more information contact:
Wanda Mathers: wandamathers@hotmail.com

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Stay safe everyone!